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Stellaris: Known Precursor

Модификация добавляет Known Precursor в игру Stellaris.

Оригинальное описание

This mod adds an edict that will open a selection screen where you can pick your precursor.
This edict will disappear when you select/discover a precursor.

Baol and Zroni will only be available for selection if you or the host owns Ancient Relics DLC.
Baol and Zroni dig-sites will spawn nearby your starting system.

To manually open the precursor selection menu write event precursor_selection.0 in console.

MutiplayerShould work fine with some limitations.
The Baol and Zroni event chain can only be started once by one player. The ability to select all precursors is disabled. Normal vanilla behavior will remain so if two or more players select the same precursor only the one that completes the chain first will spawn in the precursor system.
CompatibilityStellaris 3.0.* (♥♥♥♥)
Not Ironman/Achivement compatible.
No vanilla files were harmed.
Should be compatible with any mods that do not change how the Baol or Zroni chains starts.

LocalizationIf you want to help with translation check out the github source at the end.
Braz/Por: Chinese: Nazrin720[] English: oskar94[] French: HowYouBear[] German: Null-ARC[] Polish: Russian: Agress0r[] Spanish:
Check out my other mod Tier Numbers: Techs that add tier indicator to tech icons that is missing them.

Как установить данный мод

Скачать архив. Распаковать. Скопировать мод в папку: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/workshop/content/281990/

Если папка отсутствует – попробовать запустить игру или создать папку самостоятельно.

Или просто воспользоваться кнопкой “Подписаться” (Subscribe) в Steam.

Мод должен появиться в лаунчере игры во вкладке моды – остается только активировать его.


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Precursor Story Pack

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4 star

rate favorite

There was an ancient civilization before us. this is their story.

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This mod adds 3 precursor stories written by the community members.

This is last phase of my previous mod, Archaeology Story Pack. You can use this mod independently, or with it as you want.

[Precursor] The Sless Alliance
Six million years ago, there was a society where multiple species coexist prosperously. they called themselves the ‘Sless Alliance’. How they ended up with total devastation, did their old conflicts between species finally ruined everything?

[Precursor] The Coprean Constitution
There was an egalitarian fallen republic that suffered civil war a long, long time ago. they called themselves the ‘Coprean Constitution’. What is the last of their civil war? Did they fail to recover from the war?

[Precursor] The Astanine Empire
There is a planet where everything stops but blinking. hundred-thousand years ago, the planet’s owner called themselves the ‘Astanine Empire’. What is behind the story of this, and what truth is awaiting us?

1 1
— Colony of the Alliance
— Center of the Alliance
— Central Laboratory of the Alliance
— Home of the Alliance

1 2
— Scree
— Steganography
— Hive-out
— Magnasanti

1 3
— A Blinking World
— Small Factory of the Astanine
— Broken World of the Astanine
— Rebels of the Astanine
— Homeworld of the Astanine


Every mod can have their own bug, including this one. Your report is one of best way to fix it.


Mod is a like tree, your feedback is nutrition that makes it splendid and beautiful.
Help me to make such one. 🙂


This mod does NOT overwrite any vanilla file. Therefore there should be no mod conflict, in theory.

슈팅스타]디스코 (ShootingStar] Disco), for translation of original stories into english.
ChupaChups, for translation of original stories into english.


precursor story pack photo mods main

Последнее обновление: 30.04.21.
Причина: Мод обновлен до версии 30.04.21

До нас существовали древние цивилизации. и это их истории.

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Этот мод добавляет 3 истории-предшественника, написанные членами сообщества.

Это последняя фаза моего предыдущего мода, Archaeology Story Pack. Хотя вы можете использовать этот мод самостоятельно, или с ним, если хотите.

Новые истории:

[Предтечи] Альянс Sless

6 миллионов лет назад существовало общество, в котором процветало сосуществование множества видов. они называли себя «Союз Слессов». Как они закончили с полным опустошением, неужели их старые конфликты между видами окончательно разрушили все?

[Предшественники] Копрейская Конституция

Там была эгалитарная падшая Республика, пережившая гражданскую войну давным-давно. они называли себя «Копрейской Конституцией». Что же было последним в их гражданской войне, если республика не смогла оправиться от нее?

[Предшественники] Астанинская Империя

Есть планета, где все остановилось, но мигает. сто тысяч лет назад его владельцы называли себя «Астанинской империей». Что же стоит за этой историей и как они рухнули?

Версия 16.04.21 для Stellaris (v3.0.1)

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Информация о файле

    Добавил: TOP-Mods Автор: XVCV Формат файла: ZIP Размер: 11.7 mb Источник: Перейти

Вы можете войти в свой аккаунт или зарегистрироваться на сайте, чтобы скачивать моды без ожидания.


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Assorted Precursor Adjustments

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not yet

Note: I am moving the fix for AI being able to excavate Zroni/Baol dig sites to my unofficial patch. It’s not required per se, but certainly handy and fixes many other bugs.

The way the Zroni events are written is a bit weird and rather fragile. Even with this mod you may have difficulty finding them.

This mod makes an adjustment to the Precursors (down from a few as other issues have been addressed):

1) Unlocks all precursor chains, by popular demand. Accordingly, this mod leaves in the Unity reward cap, as it gets kind of absurd.

This will flag the systems surrounding your home system with all precursors, guaranteeing you will find them all (except perhaps the Zroni).

You always need to survey an appropriate precursor system to find a chain, and have one in your borders to get the random events for completion. Precursor systems are done during mapgen, though as of 2.3 they are not predetermined. You will likely not be able to find all precursors during a single playthrough.

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As long as something else doesn’t modify the same events or sites, you’re fine.

These are intended to be balanced, suitable for multiplayer, etc.

These are not balanced, and drastically increase the player’s power.

Future Plans I have some ideas to make a few of the chains a bit more unique, particularly the Yuht.


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Precursor Traits

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UPDATED FOR 3.0.1: Just a version number change. This mod will probably always be compatible with new Stellaris versions.

UPDATE FOR 2.8.1: Again, only a version number changed required. Was already compatible with Necroids, since they are a species class rather than an archetype.

UPDATE FOR 2.7.1: Simply changed the version number, should be compatible with all future Stellaris updates unless they change something signifcant with traits. Also added compatibilty for empires that are non-gestalt robots (thanks KiTarn)

UPDATE FOR 2.5: Added 4 traits that increase lifespan by +150, +500, +900 and infinite. All cost 1 trait point. Meant for roleplay rather than balance. Look for the golden icons.

This small mod adds 3 special species traits that are only selectable during empire creation. These traits add +2, +4, and +6 trait points respectively. Use them to create powerful, pre-set empires as a challenge in your game, or you can use them for your own empire. These traits can not be added once the game has started.

— Precursor : 6 more trait points.
— Ancient : 4 more trait points.
— Advanced : 2 more trait points.

These traits are selectable for biological, machine and lithoid species. They will not appear for randomly-generated empires; they can only be used in the empire creation screen.


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