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Как назначить лидера в State of Decay 2

Доброго времени суток, дорогие читатели. Многие игроки в State of Decay 2 задаются вопросом, как же назначить кого-то из персонажей группы лидером, ведь это открывает определенную ветку развития, что позволяет вам развиваться в определенном направлении. И в сегодняшней статье мы раскроем вам все, что касается данной темы в игре.

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Итак, изначально вы должны знать, что лидером в State of Decay 2 может стать только персонаж, обладающий статусом героя. На сегодняшний день в игре имеется 3 типа классификации положения человека в группе: гражданин, рядовой и герой.

Что касается того, как стать героем – то сделать это может любой персонаж. Это что-то вроде звания вашего персонажа в игре. Для этого вы должны выполнять задания, убивать зомби, мини-боссов и боссов, а также другие действия подобного рода. Выполняя все это за одного персонажа, он сможет достигнуть звания героя, после чего вы сможете выдвинуть его на позицию лидера.

Также вы должны знать, что каждый персонаж имеет свой уникальный архетип: воин, строитель, торговец, шериф. Эти архетипы достаточно важны, т.к. во-первых – они позволяют вам строить уникальные лидерские здания, а во-вторых – бонусы для будущих сообществ в State of Decay.

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Что касается того, как выбрать лидера. В деревне, в списке ваших персонажей, вы увидите большой красный круг в центре. Это и будет лидерская позиция, но просто так туда вы попасть не сможете. Для того, чтобы получить возможность взаимодействовать с кругом, вы, находясь в деревне, должны кликнуть по свободному пространству правой кнопкой мышки. После этого вы сможете взаимодействовать с этим кругом.

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Выбрав круг, вы должны нажать пробел. После этого у вас откроется список всех доступных персонажей на эту роль. Выбирайте того, кто вам нравится больше всего, и который подходит вашей стратегии развития лучше остальных.

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Вот, собственно, и все, дорогие читатели. На этом мы заканчиваем наш гайд, всем удачи и до новых встреч.


Hero Bonuses

When a survivor in your community becomes a Hero they’ll start providing a community-wide bonus from which all of your survivors benefit. These Hero Bonuses are determined by the Traits the survivor has. Almost every Trait has a Hero Bonus associated with it and most Hero Bonuses can be provided by several different Traits. A survivor’s Hero Bonus is picked immediately upon their generation and remains the same throughout their lifetime, even if they reveal a new trait about themselves or gain new ones through using Textbooks.


General Hero Bonuses

The following Hero Bonuses are available for the survivors you’ll encounter throughout your time in Campaign.

Note: Though the Sniper Cover Hero Bonus is technically in the game, it’s not associated with any of the Traits, making it unobtainable.

Name Description Benefits
Ammo Wishlist I maintain a list of everyone’s weapon of choice, and the ammunition they need. Our scavengers come home with more usable ammo that way. +1 Ammo Per Day
Analytical Methods When we think methodically about our mistakes, we can learn a lot faster. +50% Experience Rate
Back from the Edge People know that I nearly died long ago before I got here. If I can survive what I went through, then so can they. +15 Max Health
Backrubs I just really like giving people backrubs. I think it makes a real difference when you’re out there carrying a heavy pack all day. +5 Max Carrying Capacity
Breaks the Tension When people are feeling stressed, all you really need is for someone to say something completely inappropriate. That’s my job. +3 Morale
Breathing Exercise I make everyone practice good breathing techniques when they’re on-base, hoping it will make a difference when they’re running away from zombies in the field. +10 Max Stamina
Careful Demolition I train people in how to take something apart without damaging it’s component pieces. We end up with extra usable materials that way. +1 Materials Per Day
Chillness I’m sort of groovy with whatever people want to do. +3 Morale
Cleaning Chart I’ve made a schedule for everyone to clean their assigned part of the base three times per week. Should make it a little less gross around here. +50 Infection Resistance
Combat Exercises I stage these sessions where people try to take me down hand-to-hand, and I show them how to counter whatever comes at them. +50% Fighting Experience Rate
Consistent Routine We’ll get more done if we chip away at it a little each day. +1 Labor
Creates Art I’m no Michaelangelo, but a few touches of beauty around home can really keep our spirits up. +4 Morale
Detailed Checklist Hospitals used to save lives by making doctors use checklists. I’m trying to do the same thing. If we make fewer mistakes, everything goes more smoothly. +33% Facility Action Speed
Dosage Control I help people choose the right painkiller dosages for their body weight and other factors. +25% Healing Item Efficacy
Driver Training There’s a lot about efficient driving that they don’t bother to teach in driver’s ed. We can stretch our fuel resources a lot further. +25% Fuel Efficiency
Effective Sealants I’ve always found ways to repurpose a lot of containers as fuel storage, by treating and sealing them properly. +15 Max Fuel Storage
Emergency Stashes I spend my free time stashing extra supplies all around the area, just in case we need something in a pinch. Allows you to call in Emergency Supplies (via the Radio)
Exceptional Taste Life is a little more pleasant when you know how to enjoy the best parts. +3 Morale
Fighting Tips People know I’ve gone a few rounds in my time, and they come to me for pointers on how to get through a fight in one piece. +25% Fighting Experience Rate
Firearms Training Anyone can get better with practice, but I can provide a framework that lets you benefit from generations of combat veterans that went before us. +50% Shooting Experience Rate
Fitness Guru People often come to me for advice in getting fit. Out here, that can mean life or death, so I always help however I can. +50% Cardio Experience Rate
Formal Recognition I feel like there should be a time set aside to recognize people for their accomplishments. +50% Standing Rewards
Frequent Check-ins I’m always on the radio, making sure that people have what they need, and that any outside resources are ready to go. -15% Radio Cooldowns
Friendly Outreach I spend a lot of time chatting with our neighbors, getting to know them. It’s a small thing, but it makes them more willing to help us out when it really matters. +15% Influence Gained
Friendly Reminders I hope people don’t mind when I point out the jobs they haven’t finished yet. I’m just trying to keep this place running smoothly. +1 Labor
Gives People Space I’m good at living on my own, so I make sure everyone here has plenty of personal time. +3 Morale
Good Entertainment I have a very particular set of skills that I use to keep people’s spirits up. +4 Morale
Good Example I just do my best every day. It’s not a lot, but sometimes the little things really matter. +33% Facility Action Speed
Hard Choices People are happier when someone else is willing to make the hard choices, leaving them blissfully innocent. +3 Morale
Hard Determination Sometimes, what makes the difference in combat is just a complete unwillingness to die. I try to show that attitude within the community whenever I can. +10 Max Health
Helpful Mockery I try to encourage people to push themselves harder, by making fun of all their inadequacies. +5 Max Stamina
High Expectations I’ve got a certain standard that I expect from everyone around me. By and large, they stick to it. +33% Facility Action Speed
Hygiene Standards Blood Plague is a nasty disease, but we can hold it off if everyone washes regularly and keeps their gear clean. +100 Infection Resistance
Impressive Moves I can do things that not everybody can do, and I guess some folks find that inspirational. +25% Experience Rate
Inspiring Speeches I just speak for the heart, and people really seem to listen. Offers Inspiration (via the Radio)
Intramural Sports I make sure we’re all staying active, even during our free time. We can’t afford to get soft. +10 Max Stamina
Journal Writing I write down all the really important events that I witness around here. I think it helps people remember how much progress we’re actually making. +25% Experience Rate
Lights Out I enforce a strict lights-out policy for people who aren’t on an assignment. We need everyone fresh in the morning, not groggy from staying up all night. +15 Max Stamina
Maintains Firearms I’ve maintained my own firearms in pristine condition for years. I don’t mind doing it for everyone else. -10% Durability Loss Per Shot (Guns)
Meal Plan I’ve made a plan for all our meals, going out for the next couple of weeks. It’s a lot less wasteful than just giving everybody the run of the kitchen. -25% Food Consumed Overall
Mediation When people get into fights, I stand between them, and help them work out their differences. +6 Morale
Medical Inventory I keep meticulous records of the drugs we store and the drugs we use, and I’m always reorganizing them to save space. +15 Max Meds Storage
Medical Reference I keep a bunch of medical reference books on-hand and use them to make grocery lists. That means we get more of what we need each day, and less of what we don’t. +1 Meds Per Day
Mending I stay on top of all the clothing repairs people need. It’s a small thing, but when a zombie is trying to claw you, you want a solid piece of cloth in the way. +5 Max Health
Moral Support When people are pushed to their limits, that;s when a little encouragement can make a difference. Offers Inspiration (via the Radio)
Morning Yoga I firmly believe that if everyone limbers up in the morning, they won’t get hurt as much when they’re in the field that day. -25% Injury Severity
Nose to Tail I insist that we use every part of the buffalo, every part of the vegetable, and every part of the herb. I can find things to eat that you might throw away. +1 Food per Day
Notices Things I try to notice when someone does something helpful, however small. Pointing it out really builds trust and confidence. +25% Standing Rewards
Outdoor Living I know a lot about living outdoors, and I can make people comfortable, even if there’s not enough room inside. +2 Beds
Overcompensating I feel like I don’t deserve all the respect people give me, so I work extra hard to try and earn it. +1 Labor
Pack Maintenance I make sure to mend, repair, and tighten up everybody’s pack on a regular basis. You can do a lot more with a pack that’s in good condition. +10 Max Carrying Capacity
Party Planning Put me in charge of the entertainment; I know how to have a good time. +4 Morale
Personal Strength People like knowing they have someone strong and steady to lean on. +5 Max Stamina
Pest Control People don’t seem to mind that I’ve filled the base with rat traps and spray regularly for bugs. They know we can’t be too careful. +15 Max Food Storage
Positive Outlook I just remind people that we’re survivors. That means we have a future. It keeps us all moving in the right direction. +25% Experience Rate
Pre-Packed Gear I make these little pre-packed bundles of gear for people before they go outside. It’s all pretty slick and efficient, and makes everything they do a little easier. +5 Light Carrying Capacity
Quiet Time I’ve set up certain hours at night where we try to keep the noise down, to give people a chance to really relax and think. -1 Zombie Threat
Reads Instructions I always show up with the proper manuals when someone is trying to break a machine down for parts. We end up with more usable spares that way. +25% Parts Salvaged from Weapons
Ready Access Mags I’m not paranoid; I just think it’s a good idea to have extra ammo close at hand wherever you happen to be sitting. Save on storage space, too. +15 Max Ammo Storage
Recycling Program Recycling was never more important than it is right now. We need to put things to new uses before we just toss them out. +25% Parts Salvaged from Weapons
Responsibility There’s no job so miserable that I’m not willing to do it. I feel like other people are starting to follow my example. +1 Labor
Rotation System It takes some effort to make it work, but if we always use the oldest stuff in our storage, we lose a lot less to waste and spoilage. +15 Max Food Storage
Sealed Containers Instead of a haphazard pile of cereal boxes in the pantry, we now have a highly-organised food-preservation system. +15 Max Food Storage
Seminars I organize these little informal classes where different members of the community can share their skills and ideas. +50% Experience Rate
Setting the Pace When I move fast, other people step it up to stay with me. +33% Facility Action Speed
Sharpening Regimen The difference between a dull blade and a sharp blade is subtle, but it’s also life and death. -10% Durability Loss Per Hit (Melee)
Shooting Advice People ask me to take them out shooting in their spare time, and I try to show them what I’ve learned over the years. +25% Shooting experience
Siestas I remind everyone to take a nap in the middle of the day whenever they can. It’ll keep them refreshed, and they won’t get quite as tired out in the field. -20% Fatigue Severity
Silence Policy I don’t insist on total silence, but wherever possible, we have to try and keep the noise down. This is our lives we’re talking about. -2 Zombie Threat
Sincere Praise I always make sure to go up to people and tell them when I think they’ve done something really well. If other people overhear it, then that’s even better. +25% Standing Rewards
Siphoning System I’ve come up with a really efficient siphoning system that gets more gas out of the tank, while spilling less on the ground. +1 Fuel Per Day
Sniper Cover I can shadow our main group with a rifle, and provide sniper cover. You won’t see me, but you’ll see heads explode. Offers Sniper Support (via the Radio)
Social Chameleon I’m comfortable with all kinds of people, so I try to serve as a sort of social go-between. +3 Morale
Sounding Board If someone needs help working out their problem, I’m always willing to hear them out and tell them what I think. +50% Wits Experience Rate
Stacking System We saved a lot of space when people stopped rolling their eyes and let me show them how to properly stack all the lumber and tarps. +15 Max Materials Storage
Storytelling I think it’s really important to take the time to tell each other stories. It helps us stay focused on what really matters to us, and not just our daily grind. +4 Morale
Sufficient Caution I never let people go out alone, without somebody available to watch their backs. Offers Rooftop Recon (via the Radio)
Taking Risks People know that if there is something risky to do, I’ll take care of it. They can stay safe inside. +5 Max Health
Target of Sympathy People look at my situation, and it makes them feel better about their own. +3 Morale
Tough Negotiation People tend to give us a better deal when we need something from them. because if they don’t, they know they’ll end up hearing from me about it. +30% Influence Gained
Vehicle Delivery If anyone needs a vehicle in the field, I can get one out to them in decent condition. Allows you to call in Salvaged Vehicle (via the Radio)
Veteran Instincts I can shadow our main group and provide real-time intel on the locations of nearby threats. Offers Rooftop Recon (via the Radio)
Voice of Reason When other people are risking all our lives, I’m always there to step in with a word of caution. +5 Max Health
Words of Comfort People tend to come to me when they’re fretting about something, and I do my best to help them through it. Offers Encouragement (via the Radio)
Work Schedule I’ve got every unfinished job around here marked down and assigned to someone. We’ve got estimates, deadlines. we’re running like a machine. +2 Labor
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Red Talon Hero Bonuses

The following Hero Bonuses are only available for Red Talon Contractors.

Name Description Benefits
Barn Raisings We do these events where everyone drops their normal tasks and pulls together on whatever our top priority is. +3 Labor
Collecting Brass With just a little attention and discipline, we can reuse our casings and keep ourselves topped up on ammo. +2 Ammo Per Day
Compact Ordnance We build and modify a lot of our own gear, which lets us prioritize keeping things small and easy to manage on the road. +1 Max Consumable Stack
Field Medicine If you know how to handle your own needs in the field, you can last longer with less effort. +20 Max Health
Foraging Program We can provide for a lot of our own food needs without relying on our traditional resources. -20% Food Consumed Overall
Kitchen Patrol A clean kitchen is absolutely key to the health of the unit, and I’ve got the whole procedure down. +150 Infection Resistance
Noise Discipline Red Talon has developed a detailed set of procedures for reducing unnecessary noise. -3 Zombie Threat
Owed Favors I’ve made contact with a lot of people since the outbreak, and most of them still owe me. +75 Influence Per Day
Reconnaissance I routinely scout ahead of our main scavenging efforts, providing as much intel as I can. Offers Rooftop Recon (via the Radio)
Reinforced Chassis I can make all of our vehicles a bit more wreck-resistant. +50% Vehicle Endurance
Satellite Radios I brought some radios from Red Talon that should improve the range and quality of our comms. -20% Most Radio Cooldowns
Sleeping in Shifts With the right schedule in place, you don’t even notice each other. +3 Beds
Utility Vests I’ve perfected some techniques for carrying a lot of equipment while on the move. +10 Light Carrying Capacity
Water Conservation Until I can get this urine recycler working, a few good habits will ensure we don’t run out of drinking water on the road. +20 Max Stamina
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Heartland’s Hero Bonuses

The following Hero Bonuses are only available for the survivors of Heartland.

Note: Since Chavez is Red Talon he has the same Water Conservation Hero Bonus as Red Talon Contractors can have.


Очки влияния в State of Decay 2: как зарабатывать больше, а терять меньше

Кроме того, как вы наверняка заметили, ваш прогресс в игре тоже зависит от количества (точнее, суммы) накопленных вами очков влияния.

Так что, в любом случае чем их больше, тем лучше, фановее и комфортнее складывается игра. И в этой связи немного об источниках дохода очков влияния в State of Decay 2 и о том, как зарабатывать их быстрее и больше. Итак:

находим и уничтожаем очаги чумы
помогаем другим

Для этого в игре предусмотрена, так сказать, общественная нагрузка в виде специальных миссий. Проще говоря, если вы получаете сигнал о помощи от других общин или даже отдельных выживших, то игнорить их не стоит (по крайней мере, в начале игры). Тем более, что сложного там, как правило, ничего нет: зомби поубивать, ресурсов добыть и т.д. В общем, рутина, но зато очки влияния она приносит быстро и качественно.

ходим в совместные миссии

Да-да. Всё как обычно. Собираем друзей в кучу, выполняем задания, фармим очки на всех. Это выгоднее, чем метаться самому.

стараемся не курочить машины без надобности

В игре на них можно не только быстро гонять, красиво дрифтить и крушить зомби пачками, но еще и возить лут на базу. А чем целее машина, тем дольше не нужно тратиться на её ремонт. Соответственно, чем больше зомби задавил, тем больше очков влияния приходится вливать в ремонт аппарата. Потому если и использовать обычную машину в качестве полноценного зомбимобиля, то лучше против действительно сильных зомби, а обычную «мелочь» изничтожать менее затратными методами и инструментами.

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зарабатываем очки влияния рыночными методами


State Of Decay 2 — как выбрать и назначить лидера

С термином «лидер» вас знакомят в первые два часа игры. Появится окно обучения, где вам сообщат что вам стоит выбрать лидера вашей коммуны. Выбор лидера в дальнейшем повлияет на финальную кат-сцену и «наследие». Наследие — эффект и результаты труда лидера. В зависимости от типа лидера, вы сможете получать в другом регионе определённые бонусы. Не будем спойлерить, лишь скажем что в игре существует три региона на выбор (с 13 марта 2020 года будет 4 региона). Сыграв в одном регионе, завершив игру и получив концовку одним лидером, вы сможете выбрать трёх персонажей из вашей коммуны и отправить их в новый регион, где вы будете строить «цивилизацию» по аналогии с первым регионом. Так вы будете получать бонусы от наследия лидера. Звучит несколько сложно, но поверьте, прочитав гайд и впервые пройдя игру, вы будете понимать на 100%! Начнём.

Как выбрать лидера


В начале вы не сможете выбрать лидера. Дело в том, что лидером может быть только герой. Героем может стать любой выживший. Также героев может быть сколько угодно. Выбор лидера полностью ваш. Видите на скриншоте большой значок орла? Он обозначает пустующее место лидера. Выбрав эту позицию, вы можете назначить желаемого лидера. Заменить лидера возможно только в случае его смерти!

Теперь к главному. Существуют следующие типы героев: военачальник, строитель, торговец и шериф. Назначая героя лидером, вы определяете будущее вашей группы. Например, выбрав военачальника, ваша группа под финальные титры станет нечто вроде Спасителей из Ходячих Мертвецов (напомним, лидером Спасителей был Ниган). Выбрав торговца, ваша группа в финале будет центром торговли между группами выживших. Лидер строитель будет преследовать цель создавать лучшие условия для жизни групп. Шериф вернёт закон и порядок в мире апокалипсиса. Итак, суть вы уловили.

state of decay 2 wallpaper hd96

Итак, допустим вы определились с лидером (скриншот выше). Что дальше? Переодически будут появляться задания для лидера. Выполняйте их. Вне зависимости от типа лидера, в финале ваша группа должна будет сразиться с другой большой группой выживших. Спойлерить не будем, лишь дадим совет: как начнётся последнее задание (вы поймёте что оно последнее), вооружите всех ваших выживших до зубов!

Наконец, по завершению, вы увидите кат-сцену и сможете выбрать следующий регион.

И как мы уже сказали ранее, вы будете получать определённый тип бонусов от предыдущей группы. Вид бонусов зависит от типа лидера. На этом всё!


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