star wars empire at war forces of corruption моды absolute chaos

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Absolute Chaos

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption mod | Released 2018

A full scale submod for Absolute Corruption 2.4 that enhances the original with improved AI, better models and graphics, UGC compatibility, and more features and content. You MUST have Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4 installed (and preferably backed up) before installing this add-on. I will be listening to feedback and making adjustments.

sw5 by kimbbq d9jjeif

Absolute Chaos v. 2.011

This is the most recent version that is still playable on disc. It is not, however, the most recent version of the mod, and it is highly recommended that.

absolute chaos v. 2.011 full version


Absolute Chaos v2.5

Legacy copy of ACM 2.5, commemorating the April release of 3.0 on Steam. This is for Steam users who wish to continue their old save games, or who prefer.

absolute chaos v2.5 full version


ACM 2.012- Rolling Update!

Mini-patch that fixes a few very minor glitches and adds in some delicious new content! You won’t want to miss it!

acm 2.012- rolling update! patch

r2 tcg by foti

Performance Patch for 2.011

This performance patch will reduce lag on large GCs. Recommended for players who want better performance on the 140+ planet maps. (updated- 5/10/18)

performance patch for 2.011 patch


*Old* Absolute Chaos 109 beta 2

This is a beta test version released on July 1st, 2017. This is a patch version, apply over absolute chaos 1.07 or higher to help me test this out.

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*old* absolute chaos 109 beta 2 patch


*Old* Absolute Chaos 1.08 Patch

Download this one if you DID install Absolute Chaos 1.07 or above previously, and want to update to 1.08. In that case, you do not need the full version.

*old* absolute chaos 1.08 patch patch


*Old* Absolute Chaos 1.08 Full

Download this one if you DID NOT install Absolute Chaos 1.07 or above previously. If you install the full version, you do not need the patch version also.

*old* absolute chaos 1.08 full full version

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