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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod | Released 2018

The stand-alone mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. It’s powered by the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

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Artefact Overhaul 1.0.4 by xGrenadier. Updated to work with 1.5.1.

This addon is an updated version of xGrenadier’s Artefact Overhaul. I changed absolutely nothing on it, except made it sure so you can enjoy it on the latest version of the game.

Link for the Original addon:

Description and Screenshots are still a representation of what the addon has to offer. I changed absolutely nothing in terms of properities of Artefacts.

I moved the «Outfit Attachment» part of the addon, into an optional folder, in case you use OAO ( Outfit Attachments Overhaul ) or any kind of Attachment addon, so you can purely use this one for Artefacts only.

It’s NOT Compatible with Artefact Renovation. It WON’T be compatible with Artefact Renovation. The reason I updated this one and uploaded it, to have an alternative choice for players, if they think that Artefact Renovation isn’t their cup of tea, or has issues making that compatible with other addons.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod | Released 2018

The stand-alone mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. It’s powered by the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

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Inspired by xGrenadier’s and Nekousagi’s artifact mods, this is an artifact mod that changes current artifact stats so that they both make sense and are more useful, as well as adding radiation reducing artifacts.

Exactly what it says on the tin, a mod that changes artifacts. I based many changes off similar ones in Artifacts Overhaul and Total Artifact and Attachment Overhaul, as well as the artifact’s incarnations in the trilogy. Overall, every artifact has been changed, to both be useful in the early game as well as stay balanced compared to regular attachments.

Also the Compass now spawns in electra anomalies. It was a cool idea from TAAO that I’ve decided to use. They should be rare.

Any criticism is appreciated. I didn’t change attachment stats, but the goal was to encourage artifacts being roughly equal to attachments early game, a bit better mid game, and much better late game. If any issues arise, balancing or otherwise, don’t hesitate to comment.

v1.3.1- Some changes to Bubble and Bracelet. Bracelet should now have a bit less chem protection, but offer some external rad resistance. Bubble’s been given some more rad resistance, and some slightly amped up weaknesses.

v1.3- Some changes to radiation. Radiation levels are now +6, +12, and +24, and container levels mirror this. I’ve done this to both simplify future edits as well as possibly help mitigate the rad bug. However, I’ve got no guarantee if it’ll fix the latter, so for now I recommend being wary of using two artifacts to counter the radiation of one. It’s a small bug and not really that much of an issue especially with containers, but I’m trying to brainstorm why it’s happening and how to prevent it, so the moment I fix it I’ll update this mod immediately.

Furthermore there’s been some changes to artifacts. Snowflake has been buffed slightly, and Bracelet’s psy protection has been nerfed. Concerning psy protection, there have been some buffs and nerfs across the board, to generally encourage artifact use while not making some artifacts better than others when they shouldn’t be. Examples include Pin, Flash, and Soul being buffed, as well as Black Spray being slightly reworked. Healing items have also been treated, with most health items being kicked up a notch (save for Kolobok, which was lowered a bit but had weaknesses lowered). Generally, artifacts such as Beads and Soul are now more useful, while end game healing items like Flame and Kolobok are better but different, to encourage specific artifacts for different playstyles. Finally, Firefly has been buffed a bit health wise. The idea is to make it an artifact that is rather difficult and annoying to use long term/in combat, but an excellent health kit artifact in cover or out of combat that can patch you up comparably to a scientific medkit.

As always, bug reports and balance advice is appreciated. Feel free to rate the mod too. Hope you enjoy.

v1.2.1- Accidentally gave Soul 61 +rads instead of 6-7, due to a missing zero. If any other errors such as this occur, be sure to tell me. I’ll fix it ASAP.

Also added screenshots, to easily compare artifact stats. I’m trying to make the artifacts fit their lore and such while also making them balanced, and progressively get stronger in terms of rarity.

v1.1- Updated Goldfish, Moonlight, Black Spray, Wrenched, Flash, and Full Empty to be a bit more useful, with Goldfish being the primary reason. Previously, he wasn’t very good because his negatives outweighed his upside of weight capacity. Now, it should be a generally good choice to pick him as an artifact, which fits his high tier compared to, say, Jellyfish/Medusa. Generally trying to make higher tier artifacts more useful, or oftentimes better than their lower tier brethren. Feel free to let me know about any bugs, balance issues, or general gripes with the mod.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod | Released 2018

The stand-alone mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. It’s powered by the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

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В Зону прибыла группа учёных в поисках редких артефактов и большого исследования. У Чистого Неба проходит расследование ситуации 2011 года. Военные планируют Операцию «Монолит Возмездие».

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Охотники за артефактами.
Адаптация сюжетной линии ученых.

Последний Рассвет: сюжетная линия «Чистого Неба»

Операция «Монолит Возмездие» сюжетная линия военных

Группа ученых отправляется в Зону для сбора аномальных образцов. В их планах обследовать каждый уголок Зоны и в этом им может потребоваться ваша помощь. «Чистое Небо» до сих пор пытается узнать о судьбе штурмовой группы Лебедева, пропавшей в 2011 году, примите участие в расследовании! Для этого поговорите с торговцем Спора Новый лидер Холод также хочет укрепить позиции на Болотах как в 2011 году, помогите ему с этим. Для этого поговорите с торговцем Спора. Военные планируют новую операцию на ЧАЭС, но, для этого им нужна информация из секретных лабораторий. Поговорите с Полковником Кузнецовым и помогите военным взять под контроль самый Центр Зоны!

Мод содержит сюжетную цепочку квестов на поиск артефактов, сюжет Чистого Неба, Военных и не только. Чтобы начать сюжет необходимо подойти к любому нпс из числа «Охотников за артефактами» и Чистого Неба (например Ковалев в церкви на болотах, Марков на Янтаре возле бункера) или найти их представителя сталкера-эколога по имени Сарик Сумеречный в деревне новичков. Все, хорош сидеть, пошли за артефактами:D

Обновление 3.0 Добавлена сюжетная линия военных Операция «Монолит Возмездие».

Обновление 2.0: Добавлена новая сюжетная линия Последний Рассвет для фракции «Чистое Небо». Также, добавлен перевод сюжетной линии охотники за артефактами (перевод Последний Рассвет будет потом).

Обновление 1.0.3: Добавлены награды за квесты в виде предметов, а также повышение репутации игрока среди ученых. Для самых ленивых: теперь можно попросить детектор Сварог у ассистента Ковалева, для тех, кому лень искать детектор или копить на него:)

Обновление 1.0.2: Круглов, Семенов и Васильев теперь имеют метки «Важный персонаж», также они теперь бессмертны, пока игрок не враждебен к ученым, Круглов теперь продает некоторое оборудование.

Обновление 1.0.1: Убран гигантский уровень радиации у квестовых артефактов, исправлены немые сюжетные ученые, возвращен Доцент Семенов на Янтарь со своим квестом, а также Круглов и Васильев.


Cовместимо только с сюжетным режимом. Другие частично.

Конфликты: Сверяйте заменяемые файлы!

Язык: Только русская версия, текста много, как-нибудь переведу.

Версия Аномалии: 1.5.1

ENG: Artifact Hunters. Adaptation of the Scientist storyline. A group of scientists travel to the Zone to collect anomalous samples. They plan to explore every corner of the Zone and in this they may need your help. The mod contains a storyline quest chain to find artifacts and more. To start the plot, you need to go to any NPC from among the «Artifact Hunters» (for example, Kovalev in the church in the swamps) or find their representative, a stalker-ecologist named Sarik the Twilight in the village of newcomers. «Clear Sky» is still trying to find out about the fate of the Lebedev assault group, which disappeared in 2011, take part in the investigation! To do this, talk to the Spore trader. The new leader Cold also wants to strengthen his position in the Swamps as in 2011, help him with this. To do this, talk to the Spore merchant.

The military are planning a new operation at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, but for this they need information from secret laboratories. Talk to Colonel Kuznetsov and help the military take control of the very Center of the Zone!

ss augustus pc 05 06 21 19 25 59

ss augustus pc 05 06 21 19 26 32

ss augustus pc 05 06 21 19 26 51.1

ss augustus pc 05 06 21 19 33 37

Update 3.0 Added military storyline Operation Monolith Retribution.

Update 2.0: Added a new storyline The Last Dawn for the «Clear Sky» faction. Also, added translation of the storyline artifact hunters (translation of The Last Dawn will be later).

Update 1.0.3: Added rewards for quests in the form of items, as well as an increase in the player’s reputation among scientists. For the laziest: now you can ask Kovalev’s assistant for the Svarog detector, for those who are too lazy to look for a detector or save up for it 🙂

Update 1.0.2: Kruglov, Semenov and Vasiliev now have the «Important character» tags, they are also immortal now, as long as the player is not hostile to scientists, Kruglov now sells some equipment.

Update 1.0.1: Removed the gigantic level of radiation from quest artifacts, fixed silent plot scientists, returned Assistant Professor Semyonov to Yantar with his quest, as well as Kruglov and Vasiliev.

Compatible with scene mode only. Others partially.


Conflicts: Check the files to replace! Language: Russian only version, there is a lot of text, I will somehow translate


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod | Released 2018

The stand-alone mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. It’s powered by the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

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Artefact’s efficiency, resists and price degrade based on mitigated damage.


Alundaio because the feature ported to Anomaly from his mod.

xQd for CoC feature fix.

ravenascendant for helping me with everything at the start and with this addon too ;] And ofc MCM.

TheVoidPancake for support and testing all of it, finding bugs that I would never find without him, thanks.

real_leaper for rewritten weight degradation formula.

Feel_Fried eh, you go here too with your bicycles. You are just as helpful as sometimes annoying (very) ;]



Ooooh, finally someone did it, otherwise it is too easy to live in anomaly :D)) artefact renovation won’t work with your mod, that’s for sure, maybe someone will make compatibility. Will ui_options.script mods work with your addon?

Why won’t artefact renovation work?
Yes, it doesn’t change ui_opions.

Edit: oh man I think I uploaded wrong version without patches and mcm, uploading at 3am is bad ;[ fixed.


Wow, thanks a lot for that)

Nice. 120 hours for artifacts to disappear, now artifacts has half-life that is just a tad longer than Rutherfordium(17 hours vs 13 hours for Rutherfordium, #104 element, consider 1% as the borderline to consider an artifact ever exists by zone’s traders’ judgement).


By «disappear» you mean despawn or degradation? The despawn feature only works for ones in the world, i.e. not in any inventory. Degradation works only when they are used (on belt) and if for example, it has fire resist + you get hit by fire. Efficiency has a minimum limit of 1%, they won’t disappear and will stay at 1% with almost no stats and lowest price possible, like a useless stone ;]

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What about health regeneration and stamina boosting? Do those count? What about artefacts that contribute to carry weight? Does degradation only happen when it’s actually mitigating some form of damage or does boosting carry capacity or regenerating stamina count towards it too?

Checking it out, they seem to degenerate insanely quickly. I’d expect a gradual reduction over the course of a week but I’ve had two T3 artefacts lose a quarter of their efficiency walking around Rostok looking for a stash (not even sprinting most of the time.) So yeah, cool concept, but needs a lot of refinement for non-combat artefacts before I’m going to use it I think.

All Weight/HP/Rad reduction/Stamina/Satiety/Bleeding degradation based on bonuses, ofc artefacts with higher bonuses will degrade faster (artefacts with HP bonus won’t degrade if health 100%).
I spawned +1 HP artefact, set time factor to 5 and it took me the whole 1 minute to drop condition by 2%.
Do you play with Artefact Renovation by any chance? Cause the system wasn’t made for cheaty addons.

Ah, I missed the note on the patch about it not actually being balanced at all, lol, sorry. I do think it goes too far but I prefer meaningful but rarer artefacts than ones that aren’t. Do you think you might try to expand on the mod at some point, for instance ways to reduce degradation, or restore it?

I’ll still use this for the despawn but turn off degradation for now I think.

You can change them to what you like in «items_artefacts.ltx».
Change «degrade_rate» to for example 0.5 if you want them to degrade twice as slower. or add «degrade_rate» for every artefact if you want them all to be different.


will not work without MCM?

You can open «item_artefact.script» and force it to run all the time without toggling through MCM:

set this to «true», but I highly advice to use MCM.
MCM is just a few files that do not conflict with anything, you can even install it manually and forget about it.


im just imagining finding a heart of the oasis or something and then it degrade.

Gotta pay the price for good effects ;]
You will have to think twice if you want artefact to help you progress your run or sell it instead while it’s at full condition for the best price.
Think it’s something that had to be there by default, but apparently people are already used to game being easy ;[


Cooooool. So now if you find a full empty and have an exo you are no more invicible forever, but just for sometime. So, how fast is artifacts degradation?
And do the selling price of artifacts will vary upon degradation?

Price is changing too yes;
Degradation depends on how much damage it helped to reduce. So for example if your base resists are low and incoming hit (from let’s say fire) is high, then artefact with high fire resist will reduce a good portion of damage and in exchange it will drain big chunk of efficiency.

Аддон конфликтует с Artefact hunters, Last Dawn, Operation Monolith Storylines 3.0
(что, в общем-то, было вполне ожидаемо).

Аддон также конфликтует с Artefact Renovation в файлах configs/items/item/items_artefacts.ltx и items_artefacts_junk.lts. Это тоже ожидаемо, а вот что неожиданно, так это причина конфликта. Если я правильно понимаю, Artefact Degradation изменяет в этих файлах ТОЛЬКО класс артефактов с ARTEFACT на SCRPTART. Вопрос: зачем? Я понимаю, что подпрыгивать не будет, но. зачем?

В свете этого факта было бы, наверное, проще просто не вносить никакие изменения в эти два файла. Это исключит конфликты этого аддона с AhLDOMS и AR (а внутренний конфликт между ними двумя можно решить в AR).

Мусорные артефакты с измененным классом добавлены только для artefact renovation патча. Аномали не сохраняет состояние предметов с классом ARTEFACT при загрузках.

Ага, ясно. Ну, в общем, тогда изменения оправданы, конечно.

Как бы то ни было, см. дифф, ссылку на который я привёл выше. Изменения пассивные, можно просто вшить в аддон, никто не должен от этого пострадать. Можно скоординироваться немного с автором Artefact Renovation, чтобы у вас были вшиты одинаковые изменения из AhLDOMS.

Хотя, конечно, можно менять деградацию конкретных артефактов. Сейчас-то она везде стоит по 1.0.

Выведение радиации или уменьшение получаемой радиации?
Там две разные формулы. Вот ты загрузил на ночь глядя. xd

Деградация артов с резистами зависит от хита, я хз какие мульты у хита радиации, как этот хит зависит от базового резиста и тд, совсем не хочется лазить по конфигам проверять, может завтра ;]

Мульт выведения 0.4, а не 1.2.
И тикает раз в 2 секунды.

А-а, ну да. Прости, туплю.


Hi!, good mod, but i have a question: how can make it compatible with «remove artefact radiation mod» which make the artefact not radioactive? Or, instead, which lines i should modify to remove artifact radiation myself. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: ok, solved. I’ve copied your script folder and put it in Remove Artifact Radiation mod (and disabled your mod, off course) and works.

It overwrites items_artefact.ltx, most of them will reset condition back to 100% on next loading.
What my items_artefact.ltx does and what you need to do is to change class of every single artefact from ARTEFACT to SCRPTART.


Yes, i noticed that artefact resets, ok i’ll change as you said, thanks.

EDIT: but i also must change lines like this?artefact\af_acidic_idle Or only >


when you take a artifact out from the artifact case and you incert it again the decradation meter resets

Sorry, I had the fix but was always forgetting to upload.

Не знаю насчёт боевых артефактов (на защиту), а вот артефакты на вес деградируют охренительно быстро.

Пример: = 61 = 21
suit:get_additional_max_weight() = 15
diff = 25
diff * mul = 0.005
val = 0.312 (мех псевдособаки, даёт 312 грамм)
diff * mul / val = 0.016

Т.е. мех деградирует на 0.8 процента в секунду. Т.е. эффект есть минуты две, потом мех уходит в ноль. Мне кажется, это какой-то бред.

Спасибо, будет время гляну/потестирую, звучит намного лучше.
Там много чего желательно переписать, просто пока руки не доходят ;[

Выкроил немного времени, в коке как мне сказали контейнеров вроде не было разных.
А вообще, нужно переписывать всё. Там фундаментально неправильно построенная система на колбеке он бефор хит, резисты от артефатов почему-то читаются до хит пауера, что значит если набрать резист артефактами больше чем хит пауер, то они не будут деградировать потому что новый хит с коллбека будет 0.

С кондишнами и статами тоже какая-то беда, подозреваю что так же из-за он хит коллбеков, поэтому наверное аддон идет в архив ;[

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will there be a patch of compatibility with outfit attachment overhaul?


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat mod | Released 2018

The stand-alone mod S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. It’s powered by the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

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The addon has been updated to Anomaly 1.5.1

Small update of the addon (v 2.1):
— Fixed the inability to find the Moonlight artеfact using detectors.
— Removed the reward for the Hip quest in the form of the Basilisk artefact (it will be issued according to the main storyline in the third version of the addon).

Also changes in the compatibility patch with the Boomsticks and Sharpsticks addon:
— Added combined configuration files of trading presets.

Небольшое обновление аддона до версии 2.1:
— Исправлено невозможность находить артефакт Лунный свет с помощью детекторов.
— Убрана награда за квест Хип в виде артефакта Василиск (он будет выдаваться по основной сюжетной линии в третьей версии аддона).

Также изменения в патче совместимости с аддоном Boomsticks and Sharpsticks:
— Добавлены объединённые конфигурационные файлы торговых пресетов.

The archive contains compatibility patches:

Installation order for Trader Overhaul addon (and for combination of Boomsticks and Sharpsticks and Trader Overhaul addons):
1) Artefact renovation addon.
2) Normal or Outfit version (Main Folder) of Trader Overhaul addon.
-> 2-1) Trader Overhaul (HARD) or Traders Overhaul (Buy Damaged Stuff) from Optional files (if you want to use that versions).
3) Boomsticks and Sharpsticks addon (if you want to use it).
-> 3-1) B&S Patch from archive with Trader Overhaul addon (Standart (Normal) or HARD or Buy Damaged Stuff)
4) Patch from folder Trader_Overhaul_Patches from archive with Artefact renovation addon (first choose Normal or Outfit Version, then choose and install ONLY ONE folder depends on combination of addons that you’re using).

The patches for BaS and Overhaul of Trader Overhaul are made by the user GrumpMaestro, for this I thank him.

Hip quest fix is included in RC23 version of the addon (it was previously separated from the addon). That «fix» is for the quest from Hip to bring artifacts to Sidorovich: instead of «Fireball», you now need to bring «Crystal», because «Fireball» is now much harder to find.

The addon has been updated to v2.

List of rank 1 artifacts (can be found using the «Echo» detector): Itcher, Ball, Stone Flower, Stone Blood, Knot, Meat Chunk, Fountain, Sourpuss, Sparkler, Pin, Mama’s Beads, Battery, Cocoon, Soul, Jellyfish, Bat, Lamp, Moss, Nightstar, Tapeworm, Generator.

List of rank 2 artifacts (can be found using the «Bear» detector): Chain, Sponge, Claw, Eye, Thistle, Bracelet, Moon, Miser’s skull, Spike, Wrenched, Kolobok, Crystal, Shell, Heart, Lobster Eyes, Medal, Ring, Electron, Empty, Moonlight, Gravi, Beacon.

List of rank 3 artifacts (can be found using the «Veles» detector): Snowflake, Fireball, Flame, Dragon’s eye, Bubble, Cell, Black Angel, Signet, Flash, Black Spray, Firefly, Goldfish, Scar, Full Empty, Grapes, Sandstone, Phantom star, Atom, Sun, Seraphim, Death Lamp.

Screenshots of rank 1 artifacts \ Скриншоты артефактов ранга 1:


Screenshots of rank 2 artifacts \ Скриншоты артефактов ранга 2:


Screenshots of rank 3 artifacts \ Скриншоты артефактов ранга 3:


Screenshots of special artifacts \ Скриншоты особых артефактов:


Changes in version 1:

Bugs fixed: fixed a critical bug that prevented the artifact «Jellyfish» from being detected in the Fanatic’s quest at the beginning of the game. Thank you to user vasyan682 for providing feedback.

To all those who do not like the current balance of artifacts characteristics in the add-on (especially in terms of portable weight, health regeneration, and radiation removal): the current balance is not final, and, most likely, it will still be corrected closer to the final release of the Anomaly, update 5.

What does the addon do:

In connection with the strengthening of all artifacts, the impact of some anomalous fields was corrected, namely:
— Increased the impact of all psy-anomalies, in order to balance (since artifacts with psy protection were strengthened to significantly counteract the controllers). On the protective suits, this change had effect, but not much. However, edits are possible in the future.
— Slightly increased the impact of radiation fields. In the vanilla Anomaly, in my opinion, the radiation fields are too weak. In addition, in the addon added artifacts with radioprotective properties, as well as removing radiation.
— Slightly reduced the impact of thermal mines in thermal anomalies.

You can view artifacts characteristics in game easy. To do this, check «Debug mode» in the launcher, then in the game press F7, then press «1», then select «Artifacts» in the submenu on the left and watch.

Аддон обновлён до Anomaly 1.5.1

Фикс для квеста Хип был включён в версию RC23 (раньше он был отделен от аддона). Этот «фикс» на квест от Хип принести Сидоровичу артефакты: вместо «Огненного шара» теперь нужно принести «Кристалл», т.к. «Огненный шар» теперь намного труднее найти.

Аддон обновлён до версии v2.

Список артефактов ранга 1 (можно найти с помощью детектора «Отклик»): Зуда, Мяч, Каменный цветок, Кровь камня, Петля, Ломоть мяса, Фонтан, Кислушка, Бенгальский огонь, Булавка, Мамины бусы, Батарейка, Кокон, Душа, Медуза, Летучая мышь, Фонарь, Мох, Ночная звезда, Цепень, Генератор.

Список артефактов ранга 2 (можно найти с помощью детектора «Медведь»): Цепь, Губка, Коготь, Глаз, Репейник, Браслет, Луна, Череп скряги, Спайка, Выверт, Колобок, Кристалл, Панцирь, Сердце, Рачьи глаза, Медальон, Белый обруч, Электрон, Пустышка, Лунный свет, Грави, Маяк.

Изменения в версии 1:

Исправлены ошибки: исправлена критическая ошибка, из-за которой артефакт «Медуза» не мог быть обнаружен в задании фанатика в начале игры. Благодарю пользователя vasyan682 за предоставленную обратную связь.

Что делает аддон:

В связи с усилением всех артефактов было скорректировано воздействие некоторых аномальных полей, а именно:
— Усилено воздействие всех пси-аномалий, в целях баланса (т.к. артефакты с пси-защитой были усилены для ощутимого противодействия контролёрам). На защитных костюмах данное изменение повлияло незначительно. Тем не менее, в будущем возможны правки.
— Немного усилено воздействие радиационных полей. В ванильной Аномалии, по моему мнению, радиационные поля слишком слабые. Кроме того, в аддоне добавлены артефакты с радиопротекторными свойствами, а также выводящими радиацию.
— Немного уменьшено воздействие термических мин в термо-аномалиях.

Вы можете легко просматривать характеристики артефактов в игре. Для этого в лаунчере поставьте галочку «Debug mode», затем в игре нажимаете F7, затем нажимаете «1», далее слева в подменю выбираете «Артефакты» и смотрите.

Version 1 (old version) Main artifacts screenshots (with comparison):


Version 1 (old version) «Junk» artifacts screenshots:


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