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Armor Prefix

The Split Mod adds a new forging mechanic to the game, Armor Tinkering, which gives Armor Prefixes with varying stats. They can be obtained upon crafting the armor or by having it re-forged by Vulcan in the Underworld Domain.

Not all prefixes are unlocked by default, e.g. certain ‘bad’ modifiers won’t roll unless you are in hardmode. There are different prefixes for certain armor pieces and those that apply to any of them.

Reforging armor costs 85% of base item value, and prefixes can modify the item price depending on quality of modifiers.

Upon opening Goblin Tinkerers reforging menu, additional text shows in armors tooltips, saying: «Perhaps someone else may be able to reforge this. «


Generic Modifiers [ ]

These modifiers can be applied to any armor piece meeting its conditions and generally provide defense boosts or reductions.

Modifier Defense Special Effects Conditions
Fortified +33% Available by default.
Rooted +50% Increases defense while standing still Available by default.
Lightweight -15% +6% movement speed Available by default.
Frail -40% +5% critical strike chance
+10% damage
In Hardmode.
Unfinished -33% In Hardmode.
Cracked -75% In Hardmode.
Blessed +50% Item of rarity Pink or higher.
Phantasmal +100% Rare, item of rarity Pink or higher and Moon Lord has been defeated.

Specific Modifiers [ ]

Can be applied to specific pieces of armor, giving special bonuses but no defense boosts.

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Split мод террария вики


Seth is a Late-Hardmode boss intended to be fought after Golem, he is incredibly difficult, but the loot will help immensely if Seth is defeated.

While Seth is alive, his own music, «Sunstorm» will play.


Spawn [ ]

Seth does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to summon him with Pandora’s Cup.

Alternatively his ultimate form can be summoned with the Olympic Torch.

Behavior [ ]

Seth with generally remain above the player, dashing left and right to make it harder to dodge his attacks. At 50% HP, he will begin using Heat Snaps.

His ultimate form has reduced attack cooldown and all attacks will instakill.

Attacks [ ]

When the fight starts, Seth will fly above the player and remain dormant for a bit. Then, he will un-sheath his sword and the fight will start.

During the fight, Seth will fly around the screen and attack using the following attack cycle:

After this attack, he will perform one of the following attacks at random:

Phase 2 [ ]

Phase 2 happens when Seth reaches 50% HP, he will immediately start the phase with Heat Snaps. Alongside this, the delay between attacks will be shorter, and his Fiery Knife attack will happen seven times instead of 4.

After the Heat Snaps, the fight will resume as normal, with a chance for Heat Snaps to happen after every attack.




The Menace is a late Pre-Hardmode Boss intended to be fought after Queen Bee.

While Menace is alive, their own music, «Menace» will play.

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Spawn [ ]

Menace spawns by choosing the challenge option when talking to the Menacing Person Town NPC, which only appears at night after the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated. They can also be summoned by talking to the Funky Soul next to the Astrologist NPC at night.

Upon challenging the Mysterious Person/Astrologist, they will do a short animation of forming a giant Angry Nimbus and then begin the fight.

Behavior [ ]

Menace will always stay airborne throughout the fight, using several star attacks and ice attacks, even Tetris ice blocks in Phase 2. During every attack except the Ice Swords, Menace will follow the player’s movement.

Attacks [ ]

Phase 2 [ ]

Upon reaching 50% HP, Menace will enter phase 2. Their previous attacks will stay the same, however Menace will gain 2 new attacks.

Aftermath [ ]

Upon defeating Menace, she will fall out of her cloud and bounce once onto any blocks they fall ontop of. During this, she’ll say «Nothing bad ever happens to the Menace!» and then get struck by lightning a couple seconds later, ending the fight. The camera will pan over to Menace during the lightning strike.

Alongside this, the Astrologist NPC will be able to move in, which allows the player to re-fight Menace at night.


Combat Accessories

Increases defense by 12 when the player’s health is below 12.5%.

Tango Cross1 Tango Cross1 Bone Ring Bone Ring Dropped from the Magneto. Increases Magic and Summon damage by 12%.
Decreases Melee and Ranged damage by 50%. Tango Cross1 Tango Cross1 Brightstone Chunk Brightstone Chunk Found in Golden Chests. Increases maximum minions by 1 during nighttime. Tango Cross1 Tango Cross1 Bury the Light Bury the Light Found within the Champion Chest. A sword will attack the closest enemy upon using a weapon.
The damage is affected by all damage type increases. Tango Tick1 Tango Cross1 Celestial Globe Celestial Globe Crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. Turns the player into a werewolf during night and a merfolk upon entering water.
Minor increases to most stats.
Increases all damage types during nighttime, depending on the current moon phase.
Summons magical stars that protect the player during the Full Moon. Tango Tick1 Tango Cross1 Champion%27s Chain Champion’s Chain Purchased from the Pilgrim. Increases defense by 5

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Increases defense by 30 when the player’s health is full.

Increases defense by 12 and damage by 15% when the player’s health is below 12.5%.

Tango Cross1 Tango Cross1 Red Patch Red Patch Dropped by the Spirit on Expert mode. 1 defense.
The first attack on an enemy deals damage twice. Tango Cross1 Tango Cross1 Red Tearstone Ring Red Tearstone Ring Exchange the Bone Ring with the Collector. 1 defense.
Increases damage by approximately 7% when the player’s health is below 25%.

Increases damage by 15% when the player’s health is below 25%.


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