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Specimen Zero Mod APK | (Mod Menu, God Mode, Fake Hide, and a Lot of Hack)

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You wake up in an unfamiliar location with the final memory of being kidnapped.
But something peculiar has happened in that weird realm, something unusual… even harmful.
You must figure out how to get out. Because death is the only thing you’ll find here in the Specimen Zero mod apk.

specimen zero multiplayer horror

Explore a large dark area filled with hidden structures, a horror hospital, mystery labs, and frightening areas that will give you goosebumps.

Solve puzzles and search, gather, and use stuff to get away from the terrible monster and the terrifying area.

Make no loud noises, and be aware that the monster may see or hear you!
It annihilates everybody who stands in its way!

In online multiplayer mode, you can escape with your pals!

Specimen Zero mod is the game for you if you enjoy scary adventure escape games.

It’s not your grandmother.
This is not a game for children.

It is recommended that you play with headphones on.

Specimen Zero Mod Details:

The Mod APK version of the game brings you the following additions:

v1.0.5 Mod features:

Where to Download Specimen Zero Mod APK file?

Visit the Downloads section to download the hack APK.

How to Install the mod apk or Specimen Zero Hack on Android?

– For Android Oreo or later, clicking on Install unknown apps which will take you to a list of apps. Select the actual app through which you want to install the mod apk of Specimen Zero.

pie unknown apps

Or you can do it other way: Let’s say, you have downloaded the Mod APK on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.

Go to Settings > Apps & notifications or go to Settings > search for unknown > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source

See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Oreo for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the hack apk version):

Some FAQs on Specimen Zero (Mod APK)

Where can you play Specimen Zero?

Specimen Zero is primarily available on Android but you can play on PC via Blue Stacks. Also, the game available on iOS.

What is the mission (or) How to Win in Specimen Zero game?

This is a horror game which starts with you inside a haunted building among lot of ghosts. The mission is to stay alive and escape this building.

Is Specimen Zero Available for online play?

Yes it is! You can play this game online on multiplayer mode with your friends or anyone across the globe.

How to Install Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.0.5 | (Mod Menu, God Mode, Fake Hide, and a Lot of Hack) APK?

Make sure that there should not be any prior version of Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.0.5 | (Mod Menu, God Mode, Fake Hide, and a Lot of Hack) apk already installed on your phone. If so, uninstall that before installing this one.

Or you can do it other way: Let’s say, you have downloaded the APK file of Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.0.5 | (Mod Menu, God Mode, Fake Hide, and a Lot of Hack) on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.

Go to Settings > Apps & notifications or go to Settings > search for unknown > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source

What’s new

-Skins added
-Multiplayer(Alpha) added
-Tablet to control security cameras added
-Egg timer sound trap added
-Ghost mode added

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Specimen Zero v1.0.3

1623148576 specimen zero

Specimen Zero является увлекательным хоррором с элементами аркады, в котором вас ждет атмосфера ужаса и страха, интересные квесты и ужасающие монстры!

Вы играете за человека, который был похищен. Причем он сам не знает, как это произошло, кто напал на него и где он находится. Он просыпается в странном месте, похожем на заброшенную больницу. Единственное, в чем уверен ваш герой – в том, что ему нужно выбираться, и как можно скорее. Вы должны помочь ему в этом.

Вас ждет множество жутких комнат странной больницы, которые необходимо исследовать – кабинеты, загадочные лаборатории… Находите различные предметы и решайте головоломки, чтобы найти ключ от главной двери и выбраться. Главное, что стоит помнить во время передвижения по зданию – это то, что вы здесь не одни. Где-то по этой больнице бродит ужасающий и жестокий монстр, который притащил вас в это место и явно не будет доволен, когда увидит, что вы пытаетесь сбежать. Будьте тихими и незаметными – старайтесь не ронять предметы, не задевать мебель, на использовать свой фонарь очень часто, иначе чудище услышит шум или увидит свет и прибежит на него, чтобы расправиться с вами.

Управление персонажем в Specimen Zero осуществляется при помощи виртуального джойстика в левом нижнем углу экрана. У вас есть фонарик, которым, как и было сказано ранее, следует распоряжаться очень осторожно: он может разрядиться (заряд батареи можно отслеживать в правом верхнем углу экрана) или привлечь ненужное внимание. Ваш герой может нести только один предмет в руках, и, когда он выпускает какой-то предмет, то создает шум, на который обращают внимание монстры. Не забывайте об этом во время игры. Мод на меню немного упростит игру, но не сделает ее менее пугающей.

Погрузитесь в атмосферу страха и ужаса и помогите главному герою выбраться из жуткой больницы прямо сейчас!


Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.0.5 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Everything)

Do you love challenges and horror games? In Specimen Zero, your task is to get out of the building ASAP! There’s a monster on the loose and you need to get out.

specimen zero mod 4

Name Specimen Zero

Updated Sep 30, 2021

Compatible with Android 4.4+

MOD Mod Menu, Unlimited Everything

Mod V1

Mod V2 (Mod Menu)

The horror genre has gotten big in the gaming world ever since popular ones like Granny have made it big. Now, you’ll see many horror games that are thriving and new ones being released all the time. If you’re someone who likes challenges and isn’t afraid of ghosts, then it’s the perfect genre for you. Specimen Zero is the newest horror craze today wherein you’ll need to escape from that horrible place! There’s a dark area here with secret buildings and plenty of monsters!

specimen mod apk

Published by Café Studio, this horror game is a typical escape game but with a lot of twists. Here, you’ll need to collect and use items to defend yourself against creepy creatures that are up and about. You’ll need to be careful because the monster can hear everything and will try to eat you. Here, you’ll need to solve puzzles and search and collect items to help you escape. Can you stay calm and escape this creepy building?

Endure and Escape

There are a lot of things that we can’t explain in the world. But what if you suddenly wake up in an abandoned place where the last thing you remember is being kidnapped? There are tons of games with this premise but the only one can entertain you today which is Specimen Zero. In here, you’ll go through a series of challenging rooms where you’ll need to find the exit. But you need to be careful as the monster might see or hear everything you do.

specimen zero mod menu

In order to escape, you’ll need to be careful not to make a loud noise and to solve a variety of puzzles in different rooms. There are plenty of rooms in here which will raise your heartbeat in an instant! You’ll need to search through every area here to find keys, clues, and other objects that you can use to escape. But you’ll need to be incredibly careful as you don’t want to generate noise. If you’re not careful, you’ll only find a bad ending here.

There’s a big dark area here full of secrets and you’ll need to find a way to escape. Discover a scary adventure here and enjoy!

Specimen Zero Features

If you think you have the guts to play a horror game, then Specimen Zero is the game for you. Here, you’ll need to find a way to escape.

specimen zero mod apk free download

An Enjoyable Horror Game – There’s something about horror games that makes them appealing for people. Even though we don’t like being scared, horror games are the ultimate test of our courage. If you like to test yourself, you can try playing Specimen Zero today! This is a multiplayer horror game filled with scary things where you must discover a way to escape. There are plenty of monsters here and rooms filled with dark secrets.

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Here, you need to find a lot of items in order to escape. You’ll find items like keys, ammunition, medicines, and plenty of other things. You must find a way to survive and to get out of the building today before the monsters get you! But above all things, you must be quiet and you must move slowly in order not to get noticed. But things aren’t going to be easy as things can get scary real fast!

download specimen zero for android

Collect Items – There are plenty of items that you can collect in this game. You may need to solve puzzles, discover secrets and passages in order to escape here. Don’t think the game is going to be easy as there are many challenges that will be on your way. Here, you’ll need to solve puzzles and discover secrets all in the name of escaping. Try to find the courage to solve the puzzles in order to get out!

Search Around – In this game, you’re free to move around the rooms and different places here. You can move around here in order to move around rooms and different places today. Then, you can also pick up things and use various objects in order to do a variety of things. There’s also a powerful tool here that you can use but you need to be selective of when you use it.

specimen zero apk

Different Levels – In this game, there are different levels available. There’s the Normal Mode where the enemies move at normal speed. There is also an ample supply of medicines, batteries, and ammo in this mode. Then, things will get harder in the Hard and Nightmare mode. Here, the resources are scarce and the monsters are more sensitive to sounds and light!

Multiplayer – You can also try playing with friends here to make the experience more enjoyable and less frightening!

Specimen Zero Mod Menu – Unlocked, Unlimited everything & No Ads

Download Specimen Zero MOD APK with the unlock all characters feature now and enjoy playing the hottest horror survival game today!


Specimen zero чит меню

Are you ready to face danger & horror places to test your nerves? Nowadays, Specimen Zero is a game for smartphone users and famous for its scary & terrifying stories. Only daring gamers join it to explore the hidden & mysterious places, just like a horror movie. If you are a fan of such kind of games, then we will suggest you a better & easier version of the original game. So, download the Specimen Zero Mod Menu for your Android phone. It not only contains the premium features but also comes in a small size. Let describe its distinctions in detail.

In reality, the Mod Menu of Specimen Zero has everything unlocked, essential to win the game. For instance, Skills for Player, Pro Weapons, Moves & Fun, etc., are customizable easily. A player can kill the devils & monsters most simply by utilizing these Menus. Hence, the chances of survival at dark places are much higher. If you have played this game but couldn’t succeed, then install our given mod game free. Then, join with your friends and win as easily as a child’s play. Keep passing the levels until you kill the last ugly creatures.

Features of Specimen Zero Mod Menu:

This MOD is excellent in conclusion. Graphics & Gameplay, Characters & Skins, Buildings & Enemies, and Sounds are similar to the Official Game. Hence, you will go through the previous story but with preparations. Use your intelligence & tricks carefully to find the exit door. Here are the main Mod Menus present in this edition.

Open these 06 groups to find the most suitable cheats for your game. Though, there are dozens of features inside these categories. Yet, we wrote down the dominant ones in the following list.

How to Install & Use the Specimen Zero Mod Menu?

There is no rocket science involved in its use. Every gamer can operate it through a few steps.


Specimen Zero is full of challenges & horrors throughout the story. Therefore, monsters can kill you anytime without a bit of sound. Buildings & their rooms are dark, and you need to have a torch in addition to the powerful guns. Therefore, all these things are available in the Specimen Zero Mod Menu APK. Download the APK file for the best experience. You can see it is small in size but valuable than the primary game. Explore secret places in the game and collect hidden gems. Finally, you will reach the exit one time.

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specimen zero multiplayer horror

– [ Player Menu ] –

– [ Weapon Menu ] –

– [ Movement Menu ] –

– [ Fun Menu ] –

– [ Passives Menu ] –

Are you a lover of horror games? And have you always dreamed of being a hero that overcomes challenges? So have you ever thought, at some point, you will go to a strange place with no way out to fight to survive? Specimen Zero is a game that helps you master your life.

specimen zero multiplayer horror 2


Unlike other games of the same genre, the game gives you a genuinely different simulation experience with many horror and horror features beyond your imagination. Specimen Zero will let players experience the survival escape of their chosen character. Join the quest, adventure challenging but equally attractive in a virtual world. In a hypothetical situation of being taken to an unknown place and imprisoned by monsters, your main task is to find a way to escape, protect your life, to maintain life. During the game, you also collect items, solve puzzles to find a safe path from the devil.

Besides, experience survival with many choices in a great virtual reality game thanks to the fact that you can do anything, decide your own path with high safety. Therefore, this is really the ideal place for you to freely express yourself, overcome difficulties when stuck, and learn many practical lessons when deciding something in this game.

specimen zero multiplayer horror 3


Specimen Zero revolves around the survival of a character they need your help with. You have to do everything on your own without any outside help or support. Everything starts to be extremely difficult, strange you have to learn, explore the rooms, dungeons, dangerous passages, and maybe die at any time.

Along with that are timely, reasonable decisions as well as really persistent and calm to face countless harsh and ironic situations when having to run away from the ferocious monsters that can hurt you all the time when it gets angry. Players can also gradually feel that life is being revealed before their efforts when completing challenges, solving puzzles that are appearing in front of them.

specimen zero multiplayer horror 4


The game also provides players with many different modes when playing online with no limit and adventure escape from monsters. In the process of playing, it will be necessary to unite, support each other. Just a small mistake can kill the whole team, so try to make the most suitable choices. Players can also become the leader for the whole team when making the final actions that decide for you as well as saving those in need.

However, there is also the main reason that you have to solve all the puzzles to collect many items to help you escape from the fierce monsters. The information obtained from the puzzle is no longer useful enough for you to find a way out. It would help if you overcame many challenges to collect equipment to help overcome their pursuit. You are combined with the skills of walking quietly, making no noise, etc., avoiding detection by enemies. Until then, you are free to do whatever you want.

specimen zero multiplayer horror 5


Specimen Zero offers several minimum requirements to fit this genre; gamers will have to have compatible machine configurations to make the installation process easier without standing. Players can participate in levels with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. And the higher configuration machines, you will have the right to enjoy the fierce matches, which chase each other at a sharper, more realistic level. However, with a computer with an average configuration, players have experienced it too easily.

The game is appreciated not only for its attractive gameplay but also for its quality graphics. This gives you extremely eye-catching 3D images, each scene from everyday life to the landscape, the horror is described in as much detail and realism as possible. Besides, the game also owns extremely high-quality sound effects; barbaric, ferocious, fear-filled sounds almost throughout the game. Make the player feel like a survival experience that keeps death and life narrow.

Specimen Zero – Multiplayer is a survival experience game that receives enthusiastic support from many players worldwide. It will really suit those who love to experience life away from the hunt with novel and straightforward gameplay. Along with many other special features, download and experience it now!

Download Specimen Zero – Multiplayer Horror (MOD, Mega Menu)


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